If you run a seasonal business, such as lawn care, window cleaning, or pressure washing, starting a Christmas light installation venture can be a fantastic way to generate income during the off-season. This is a smart move for entrepreneurs like Glenn, who understand the value of diversifying their services and keeping their teams employed year-round.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Offering Christmas light installation services can help reduce turnover by providing steady work for your crew during the colder months. Moreover, it allows you to spread festive joy and build a strong reputation in your community throughout the year.

Here are some valuable tips for running a successful Christmas light installation business:

  1. Join The Christmas Lighting Bootcamp Visit TheChristmasLightingBootcamp.com to gain comprehensive knowledge about Christmas light installation. Becoming ELF Certified and joining the Christmas Lighting Bootcamp Facebook group can provide you with essential insights and support.
  2. Start Your Season at the Right Time Timing is crucial in a short holiday season. Plan your purchases, marketing efforts, and installations carefully:
  • Purchase Christmas lights at the end of the holiday season to secure the best deals. Most vendors offer preorders in February, allowing you to save 10% to 20% on your inventory.
  • Start marketing your Christmas light business after Halloween. Reach out to previous customers in late August or early September to encourage early bookings. Expand your marketing efforts to a wider audience in October or early November.
  • The holiday lights season typically runs from November 1st to the end of January, with the busiest period being the two weeks before and after Thanksgiving.
  1. Test Your Inventory Early Avoid time-wasting issues with burnt-out lights or faulty wires by thoroughly inspecting your inventory before the season begins. Look for frayed cords, exposed wires, and malfunctioning bulbs. This also allows you to utilize product warranties in case of equipment failure.
  2. Grow Your Client List To ensure your business’s success, focus on attracting new customers during the holiday season:
  • Create Christmas light installation flyers and distribute them in your local community, including your business name, logo, service description, and contact information.
  • Develop an appealing Christmas light website to enhance your professional image and attract customers through online searches.
  1. Learn How to Bid Christmas Light Installations and Create Professional Estimates Efficiently pricing jobs and providing estimates will help you secure more work for the holiday season:
  • Choose between selling or leasing Christmas lights to your customers. Leasing offers more responsibility but also flexibility for your customers, while selling can lead to additional fees for replacements and maintenance.
  • Calculate your hourly labor rate based on your costs and desired profit, considering the difficulty of the job.
  • Create an estimate template to streamline the quoting process, including your company information, services, total cost, terms and conditions, and space for the customer’s signature.
  • Utilize job quoting software to create detailed estimates that can include optional line items to increase your revenue.
  1. Prioritize Safety Operating a Christmas light business comes with risks, especially when working at heights and handling electrical components. In addition to essential safety training, take precautions to protect your crew:
  • Invest in proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including wooden ladders, ladder levelers, ladder standoff arms, harnesses, roofing shoes with replaceable pads, and work gloves.
  1. Automate Your Invoicing Streamline your invoicing process to save time and focus on enjoying the holiday season:
  • Use QuoteIQ to create and send professional invoices to your customers. After marking a visit as complete, you can generate an invoice with just one click, allowing you more time to spend with your loved ones during the festive season.

Starting a Christmas light installation business can be a lucrative venture, especially for seasonal businesses looking to thrive year-round. By following these tips and leveraging QuoteIQ, you can successfully run your business and spread holiday cheer in your community.