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QuoteIQ streamlines your business from start to finish, with fast and easy quotes, invoices and scheduling.  Our automated emails and text notifications keep your customers informed, and collecting payments quickly!  Businesses using QuoteIQ have reported saving an impressive average of 10 hours per week by reducing administrative task..

What is Landscaping business software?

QuoteIQ keeps things organized as you move through each stage of a job, and you only enter customer and job details once.

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Maximize Your Landscaping Business Potential with QuoteIQ

With QuoteIQ, managing your Landscaping business is a breeze. It handles job details from start to finish and keeps customers informed with automated notifications. You can even collect payments in person with a single tap using QuoteIQ.

QuoteIQ streamlines your workflow and helps you close more jobs faster, giving you a competitive edge in the green industry. Say goodbye to administrative hassles and discover the benefits of QuoteIQ for your business today!



When you send quotes through QuoteIQ, it lets potential customers see the high-quality service your business provides right from the start. These quotes are user-friendly, allowing customers to easily add extra services and approve the quote. Plus, the faster you get your customer a quote, the more likely you are to get the job.


Setting up work schedules and keeping everyone in the loop, including your customers and crew, is a breeze with QuoteIQ. Our calendar is tailor-made for home service businesses, so you can easily keep tabs on all your appointments.


Finding time for invoicing can be a challenge, but QuoteIQ makes it effortless. You can instantly create a polished invoice, including all the job details and convenient payment choices, and it’s all set to be sent to your customer

Get Paid

Give your customers fast and easy online payment options.

With QuoteIQ, online payments are seamlessly integrated into your account, with no extra monthly or setup charges – you only incur fees when you receive payments. And the cherry on top? You’ll get your money four times faster compared to checks!

Simplify The Process

QuoteIQ was built to make the entire customer experience fast, friendly and professional. 

Insta Quote

InstaQuote automates your quoting process, allowing customers to self-quote on all of your services.


Finding time for invoicing can be a challenge, but QuoteIQ makes it effortless.

Self Scheduling

Setting up work schedules and keeping everyone in the loop is a breeze with QuoteIQ.

Get Paid

Give your customers fast and easy online payment options.

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Common Questions

How much does QuoteIQ cost?

QuoteIQ costs vary by plan. Customers can choose from Free,Premium, Platinum, Ultimate, with pricing starting at $29 per month.

Is QuoteIQ worth it?

QuoteIQ is rated 4.7 out of five stars based on over 1,700 reviews on the App Store.  QuoteIQ offers features that help you run and grow your business no matter what home service industry you’re in.

  • Seamlessly move prospects into jobs with our custom estimates, online scheduling, invoicing and followups 
  • The latest tools to take payments digitally or in person and get paid fast
  • Dashboard analytics helps you, manage your business, measure your growth and look at profitability in real time
What does my QuoteIQ plan include?

Features vary by plan, but every QuoteIQ customer gets access to estimates, scheduling, and invoicing tools that make running your service business easier. If you have questions about specifics included in our plans contact us at support (

How does QuoteIQ pricing compare against other field service management software?

QuoteIQ has the most features and adds the most value of any of our competition….at a fraction of the price. And, with QuoteIQ, you get the features you need to grow your business so you can still make a profit while investing in software that helps you track jobs, keep up to date with customers, and view reporting data you can use to be more profitable. QuoteIQ was built for you by guys like you! You won’t find a better company to work with to grow your business.

Will I be locked into a contract when I sign up for QuoteIQ?

We don’t force a contract on you like other field service management companies will. If you’re ever dissatisfied (which we doubt that you will be) there’ll be no contractual details to deal with. Just cancel your subscription.

Unlock your 1st Month for $1 and put the power of QuoteIQ to work for your business.