Calls Come In

Never miss a call again with QuoteIQ’s Virtual Call Team! Your Call team will answer EVERY call after the first ring and stick to the script to get the most pertinent information that your company needs to move forward with the customer. 

Call Team Qualifies Them

Our virtual call team gathers the most important customer information so that you know everything about your prospect from the reason they called, their name, number, email, and service address so that you can get back to them with an estimate as quickly as possible.

Stop Losing Customers

Beating your competition to the lead will get you more business. Responding to customer inquiries within five minutes increases lead conversion by 21 times. Speed to the lead boosts sales and drives business growth, ensuring you stay ahead in the market.

Call Tracking

QuoteIQ’s Virtual Call Team tracks every call that comes into your business so that you can know your business’s call volume year-round. Also with our advanced script, we can go deeper with tracking what marketing channel brought that lead in.

Call Log

With QuoteIQ’s Call Log you can keep a detailed record of what time every lead came into your business as well as all of their most important information, such as name, number, email, and physical address so that you can get back to your leads with an estimate as quickly as possible.

Call Transcriptions & Recording

After each call, you are notified in the app or via email & text with a transcription of the call as well as the recording for you to reference. This transcription can be converted into a customer with 1 click of a button so that you can send them an estimate, or invoice or book them on the calendar.

Choose The Voice Of Your Call Team

Choose the voice of your team and customize the experience for your customers with QuoteIQ’s Virtual Call Team Pro Plan.