I don’t think people understand how much money you can actually make if you run your pressure washing business like a business, not a side hustle.  And I know that everyone, regardless of where you are in your business has the same fundamental question and that is “How do I get more jobs”  So in this blog post we are going to break down 8 ways to do this, and we are gonna do this a little different because there are two different groups of people watching and it’s important to identify who you are, a Struggler or an Over Achiever.  B



  • The Strugglers: These are the guys wh may be new to the business and are  still still building their customer base and struggling week after week to stay busy, book jobs and make ends meet.  Not all strugglers are new to the business either, there are some folks that just can’t figure out how to move on from this stage. 
  • The Overachievers: these are the folks who are already pretty successful, they have customers, they have a book of business, the schedule is pretty steady but they are overwhelmed and exhausted from all the work and still constantly worried about not having enough business and consistent business.



So why is this distinction important? Because they both need clients, but their challenges are different.  So I’m gonna break down 4 ways ways for each of these types of businesses to get exactly what they need. 



That first group needs customers RIGHT NOW, they need to schedule jobs and get paid TODAY, so we will focus on 4 Short-Term Strategies for Quick Results.  These are not in any particular order and the important thing to remember is consistency is key and volume is king. 



Ok so lets talk the short game – 



  • First lets talk Door Knocking: Yep – it can be intimidating, the amount of NO’s is going to be much higher than yeses, but it’s one of the quickest was for getting jobs….notice I didn’t say the best way to get long term customers because I don’t really think this is  but that is another video I need to make. So if your apprehensive about this, start small, knock on your current customers neighbors’ doors and work your way out. Its Kinda like an in-person 5 around which brings us to the next one which is
  • Fliers and Postcards:  Again, you have to understand that 20 postcards aren’t gonna cut it, you are gonna need to do at least 1000 or even more.  The more you do, the better chances you have for landing more jobs. Begin with neighborhoods where you’ve had success before; there are likely more potential clients nearby. And use postcards, flyers or even business cards in conjunction with door knocking. If no one answers the door, this will provide a second chance to get your name out there, your business in front of them,  I would even jot down some prices so they have an idea of it might cost and it gives it a little bit more personal touch.
  • The next one is Bandit Signs and yard signs: Lots of opinions on this but I know from personal experience that they work, it is most likely not going to generate many leads from your ideal customers but it will generate leads and that is whaat you need if you are struggling to make money.  So get 100 signs made and strategically place them in high traffic areas where you can get as many eye balls on them before they get ripped down by a Karen or your competition.  And also ask every customer if you can leave a sign in



Signs or signage-  I would suggest have some kind of signage on your truck and your trailer of you have one.  This doesn’t have to be crazy fancy or expensive but you nee to have a way for customers to get your contact info  easily.  Name, number and website is critical.  I would also suggest using yard signs or a-frame signs which are little more professional, but you need these every time you are on a job so  people driving by or walking by can take easily see it and then take  a pic with their phone, save it for later when they need your services.  



OK…..so Now that we’ve covered the quick-and-dirty methods for getting immediate results, let’s shift gears to longer-term strategies for attracting high-quality, high-paying customers.  



  • So we talked about signage, now lets take it a step further and discuss Truck Wraps:  I personally have never done truck wraps because I like the simplicity of my branding, but I know that a lot of small business owners swear by their wraps.  So As your business grows, think about investing in a truck wrap.  I say as your business grows because wraps can get pretty expensive upwards of $3000 and even more, but you have to get past the initial cost and look at the long term investment.  This is a rolling billboard that 10’s of thousands of people will see.
  • Referrals: TReferrals are crucial for small service businesses because they provide a steady stream of new leads that are essentially free.   When your customers refer their friends and family, it serves as a powerful endorsement for your business, this is something that is priceless and referrals lead to long-term relationships and higher customer loyalty which means the lifetime value of those customers will continue to grow. And always Ask them to post recommendations in their community Facebook groups.  Use QuoteIQ to setup email and text automation to request referrals in your email sequences.



The next one should go without saying, but get as many Google Reviews as you can.  Building Trust is one of the most important things for a business and this is an easy way to do this because Social proofing is unbeatable. Ask every customer and anyone else you know for a 5 star review, don’t be scared to ask because if you don’t, they won’t and we need those reviews to build that trust and credibility in our markets. I personally use email marketing to my current customers to request reviews via QuoteIQ email automation, and always give them a direct link to your Google profile review page to make it as easy as possible.



  • Social Media: Establish a strong online presence to build trust with your audience. Share before-and-after photos, client testimonials, and ongoing projects. Use scheduling tools like Buffer or Later to maximize your efficiency.Do this everywhere, it doesn’t take a lot of time but ut helps.  And the primary place you should be doing this is on your Google Business profile page. 



  • So the next one is something that can really help your business grow and that is through Strategic Partnerships with other home service professionals in your area.  How many times have your customers asked you for referrals for other services?  I get asked all the time and usually have a solid recommendation for them, and I ask them to tell the other contractor that I told them about their company, I will also text the other contractor and give them the contact info so they know I referred them and they can reach out and make first contact. Find these people that you trust to do good work, refer them and you will be amazed at how many referrals you get in return. 



These strategies are a pretty simple roadmap to success in your business. Remember it doesn’t happen over night but if you need an instant boost, try the first 4 strategies and don’t forget its a numbers game, the more you put in, the more you get out.  And I promised I would share with you one great strategy that has generated a bunch of business and that is using QR codes on all your signage, trucks, trailers, especially the A-frames and yard signs you put out in front of the properties you are working on.   You never want to lose a lead and you always want to be able to follow up with potential customers so I have QR codes everywhere.  Mine take the customer directly to my website where they go to InstaQuote powered by QuoteIQ that allows them to not only fill in all of their contact information so I can follow up, but also lets them Geta super fast and easy quote.  This is Speed to the Lead in the purest sense of the word, instant gratification for them, they want a price, they got it and now they can schedule or save it for later, but believe, I will be following up with them a lot!    You can also send them to a contact form or just your website, but Instaquote is a game changer.